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graphic design saskatoon - Brandom

These guys, Brandom Consulting.  They offer graphic design in Saskatoon.

I know they offer services in the Humboldt area too.  So, they designed for my company Fairy Door Tours Saskatoon.  When we were really busy, numerous flyers, social media graphics and tons of other items.

Highly recommend them for their quality, patience and crystal ball qualities, ha.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Graphic Design in Humboldt | Brandom Consulting

I would like to post a little spiel about Brandom Consulting.  This company now offers graphic design in Humboldt, even though, they still operate in Saskatoon as well.  We have been so pleased with the passion that they have poured into our company over the years.

Design in Humboldt

Here is some info from their website:

The fundamental asset that Brandom Design brings to the community is Effort. Over the years, keeping my clients (and students) happy has always been held paramount to my definition of success. Simply put, we aim to please :)

On another note, Ideal Treasures has a cool survey going on right now at their store.  Take the survey, read some jokes, draw a Stickman even, and, be entered into a prize :)

Travel to the Caribbean with PhotoJomo

So friends of ours told us about PhotoJomo a few days ago and these adventures look so exciting!  If and when I travel to the caribbean, I certainly have to plan it out with Jomo.

Here is some information I saw on their website:

Travel to Caribbean beauty - The Host Artist


My passion for photography began as a youth. I believe the most intriguing aspect of photography is the power of communication that it holds in the absence of words. My artistic theme is to capture and create profound images, which possess the essence of life, the spirit of people, and the power of God's presence. My artistic goal is to share my artistic abilities and passion for Visual Imagery with the world!


Jomo Kenyatta is a photographer, explorer and producer, who is known as PhotoJomo.

Jomo has an insatiable passion for visual imagery. He believes capturing imagery is one of the most powerful forms of expression and communication. His photographic interest began while in Middle School. He then became a yearbook photographer during High School and furthered his interest in college. Jomo became a finalist in his very first juried photo contest when he was 25 years old. He believes photography is a powerful medium that has the potential to open dialogue and forge relationships. He’s most passionate about Travel and Fine Art photography where cultural differences and cultural exchanges are the most vivid and challenging. ‘We all see differently and have different experiences. Traveling and photography allows people to capture, preserve and share unique moments in time.” Jomo enjoys sharing his experiences through exhibitions, lectures and workshops. Kenyatta’s work has been showcased throughout the Northeast and has ambitious plans to showcase his work through an international tour exhibition.

Make the next trip the trip of your life!  Travel to the Caribbean with PhotoJomo.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Ideal Treasures | An article in

 Here is an article about our store in Humboldt, posted a few days ago.

The article explains how we decided to open a store and challenges and successes we see as new entrepreneurs.  We picked the right time of season and we just want to focus on getting stronger and more efficient as a running retail engine.

Ideal Treasures sells new and used goods to Humboldt and surrounding communities.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

A new Store in Humboldt - Ideal Treasures

One of the newest Stores in Humboldt is Ideal Treasures.

Their focus is, and will always be, to supply the community with what they need.  From adult and kid clothing to small furniture to toy cars, Ideal Treasures will adapt and adjust to the community around them.

Their special this week is a BowFlex Xtreme in great condition for $600.

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